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Install IIS in Windows XP | php den

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  Install IIS in Windows XP

Install IIS in Windows XP :

 Start  > Settings  > control panel  >  add or remove   > click on add/remove components   > select  “Internet Information Services “ from list  >  next  > Insert Windows XP cd  (or) provide path of   “I386”  >
By default IIS gets installed to “C://Inetpub”  folder.
Default port is 80.
Ipconfig in command prompt to know the IP .
Default server directory is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot that means all the server side programmes has to be placed in that directory.
<body bgcolor=”green”>
<h1> welcome to India </h1>
Save it as “india.html” in c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.
A web resource can be invoked by a client using a URL – Uniform Resource Locator.
A URL contains 4 parts
1.       Protocol
2.       Host name
3.       Port number
4.       Request path/ firl name.
In that protocol and host name are mandatory in a URL.
Client can be invoked the above web resource by using the following url in the browser http://india-pc//india.html.
Echo “<h1> response from india.php in IIS</h1>”
Save it as “india.php” in c:\inetpub\wwwroot folder.
IIS is not executing the php programme. The reason is the corresponding handler /executable fielis not available.
To execute any server side programme by IIS the corresponding handler (or) executable file is required with IIS.
The handler/executable file used by IIS to execute a PHP programme is php5isapi.dll.
Isapi – Internet Service Application programming Interface.

Install IIS in Windows XP