Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Html Table Tags

10:23 pm

Html Table Tags

Html Table Tags :

Html table Tag Properties :
Tables are defined with the <table> tag. A table is divided into rows (with the <tr> tag),and each is divided into headings with <th> and data cells with the <td> tag.<caption> is a child tag of <table> used for giving a caption for a table.<col> is a child of <table> used for giving common properties for each column.<colgroup> is a child of <table> used for giving common properties for multiple columns.

Attributes of table tag:

1.       Border  :  border size for table.
2.       Width   :  width of table in pixels or %.
3.       Align     :   left/right/center.
4.       Bgcolor:  background color for table.
5.       Background : background image for table.
6.       Style     :  to provide css properties.
7.       Cellspacing :  to specify the space between cells.
8.       Cellpadding : to specify the space between the content and boundary of cells.
9.       Frame  : void/box/lhs/rhs/above/below/hsides/vsides.
10.   “colspan” ans “rowspan” are the two attributes of <th> and <td> used for merging multiple columns and rows together.

Html Table Tag Properties Eg:

<body bgcolor=”maroon” text=”white”>
<table border=”1” align = “center” width=”50%” style=”font-family:verdana ;font-size:22px;background-image: url(images/back1.jpg)” cellpadding=”20”>
<caption style=”color:cyan”>
<colgroup span = “2” style =”color:yellow; text-align:center”></colgroup>
<tr height=”80”>
<th> emp no
<th>emp name
<tr height=”60”>
<td> 101
<td> karanam
<td> 120000
<tr height=”60”>
<td> 102
<td> chandu
<td> 130000
<tr height=”60”>
<td> 104
<td colspan=”2” align=”center”> chandu</td>
<tr height=”80”>
<td colspan=”3” align=”center”>
<img src=”images/back1.jpg” width=”550” height=”75”>