Sunday, 9 September 2012

Download and install netbeans IDE for php

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Download and install netbeans IDE for php 

Download and install netbeans IDE for php :

1.       Download netbeans IDE for php from .
2.       The pre requisite for the installation for php is java software (JDK1.6 x or JDK1.7 x) should made available in the system.
3.       Install netbeans IDE for php.

Create a php project using netbeans IDE :

1.       Open netbeans IDE.
2.       File  >  new project  >  select  “php application “ from “projects”  >  next
Project name : phpproj59  >  next
Run as :  local web site
Project url : http://localhost /phpproj59/  > finish
                     (or)  http://localhost:8082/phpproj/
As a request of the above steps a new directory gets created with the project name(phpproj59) in                         
C:\xampp\htdocs with “index.php” as the default page.
3.       Open “index.php” and make some changes in it

Echo “<h1 align=center> welcome to php”
4.       Start apache web server using xampp control panel
5.       Client invokes the above application using the url- http://localhost:8082/phpproj59 in the browser.
In production (or) test environment
Right click on “index.php”  in IDE  >  run
Select “index.php”  >  press “shift+f6”.

Download and install netbeans IDE for php


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