Sunday, 23 September 2012

Html A Tag

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html a tag

html a tag :

    A link is the “address” to a document (or a resource) on the web.
Hyperlinks can point to any resource on the web : an html page , an image , a sound file , a movie , etc.
An anchor is a term used to define a hyperlink destination inside a document .  The html anchor element <a> is used to define both hyperlinks and anchors.
Attributes of <a>  :
Href  -- > defines the link “address”
Target -- > defines where the linked document will be opend.
Name -- > defines a names anchor inside a html document.
Linking can be done between
1.       Different websites.
2.       Between different pages in same website.
3.       With in the page itself.
4.       Used for sendig an electronic mail.
 <body link =”blue” alink=”red” vlink=”purple”>
<p style = “font-family : verdana ; font-size : 24px”>
<a href = "" target=”_blank”> php den</a> php tutorial<br><br>
<a href =” ”> php den</a>
<a href=”contactus.html” > contact us</a>
<a href=”#c”> courses</a>
<a name=”c”>
<ol style = “font-family : verdana;font-size :25px”>
  <li> php and mysql
<li> complete java
<li> Microsoft .NET
<a href= “aboutus.html”> <img src=”path” width=”80” height=”80”></a>

html a tag


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