Sunday, 23 September 2012

Html Image Tag

10:01 pm

Html Image Tag 

Html Image Tag :

In html , images are defined with the <img> tag. The image tag is empty ,which means that it contains attributes only and it has no closing tag.
Attributes of Image(<img>) tag:
1.       Src = “url    -->  stands for “source”. The value of the src attribute is the url of the images you want to display on your page.
2.       Width   -- > width of image
3.       Height  -- > height of image
4.       Align   -- > left, right
5.       Border  -- > border size of image
6.       Style  -- > to provide css properties
7.       Alt   -- > aleternative text to displayed incase the image is not loaded.
8.       Hspace -- > horizontal space between the image and other contents.
9.       Vspace -- > vertical space between the image and other contents.
10.   Name  -- > reference of image.
11.   Usemap  -- > name of the image map to be applied on image.

Html Image Tag Eg: 

<img src=”path” align=”right” width =”200” height=”200” title=”a beautiful image” border=”10”  alt=”company logo” style=”border-color:red”>


  1. What about the other attributes like style, id, class etc? You might also want to show some more HTML Image tag using the other attributes.