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Mysql Installation

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Mysql Installation

Mysql Installation :

MySQL  DB Server is installed along with XAMPP in c:\xampp\mysql. All the my sql databases are present in c:\xampp\mysql\data folder.
1.      To start mysql db server
Click on start button of mysql in xampp control panel.
2.      to stop MySQL DB server
click on  start button of mysql in xampp control panel[the default user name of mysql is “root” with no password].
C:\xampp\mysql\bin>mysqladmin –u root shutdown
3.      to get mysql prompt
c:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql –u root –p
4.      to display all db names
mysql>show databases
5.      to create a DB
mysql> create database india;
6.      to activate a DB
mysql> use india
7.      to create a table
mysql> create table emp (empno number(10) primary key,ename varchar(20), sal float(10,2));
8.      to display all the table names
mysql>show tables.
9.      To insert a new record
Mysql>insert into emp values(101,’chandu’,123.45);
10.  To display the structure of a table
Mysql>desc emp /describe emp;
11.  To display all the records in a table
Mysql>select * from emp;
12.  To delete  a table
Mysql>drop table emp;
13.  To delete an entire DB
Mysql>drop database india;
14.  To create a user
Mysql>create user ‘chandu’@’localhost’ identified by ‘india’;
Provide the required previlizes to chandu@localhost.
Mysql> grant select ,insert,update,delete,drop,shutdown,alter,show databases on *.* to ‘chandu’@’localhost’ identified by ‘india’ with grant option max_queries_per_hour 0 max_connections_per_hour 0 max_updates_per_hour 0 max_user_connections 0;
Mysql>grant all privileges on ‘chandu\_%’.* to ‘chandu’@’localhost’;

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