Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mysql Introduction

11:08 pm

Mysql Introduction

Mysql Introduction :

1.      Database is the place where data is stored.
2.      Databases are the prefered method of storage of data for large multi user applications.
3.      A database management system(DBMS) is a system, usually automated and computarized, user to manage any collection of compatible and ideally normalized data.
4.      The DBMS manages storage and access to the data and provides a query language to specify actions associated with the data. The standard query language is SQL(Structures Query Language).
Relational Databases:
1.      RBDMS splits the data into a series of tables, limited by key elements that are common between tables.
2.      It provides storage efficiency because data do not need to be duplicated between records.
a.       Information is stored in tables.
b.      Tables stores information about entities.
c.       Entities hava characterstics called attributes.
d.      Each row in a table represents a simple entity.
e.       Each row is a set of attribute values.


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