Tuesday, 2 October 2012

JavaScript Variables

10:37 pm

    javascript variables

1.       Variables are used to storing data.
2.       A variable name can have alpha numeric characters and under score
3.       A variable name should start with letter o r underscore
4.       No space is allowed between the characters of a varialbe name.
5.       A variable name sshouldnot be a reserve keyword of javascript.
6.       Var script is used for declaring a variable name.
Var first_name
Var last_name
Var _age
Php                                                                                            java script
<?php                                                                      <script type=”text/javascript”>
$a=10;                                                                       var a=10;
$b=”india”;                                                              var b=”india”;
$c=$a+$b;                                                                 var c=a+b;
Echo  $c;                                                                   document.write(c);
?>                                                                                </script>
Output=10                                                             output=10india


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